The Forgotten Age- 0 I.A.- ??? A forgotten age before Echoes Of Time.

The Age Of Vanishing Crystals- 0 II.A.- 2010 II.A. At the start of the era, the crystal are vanishing, and over time few crystals remain. From the game Echoes Of Time.

The Golden Age - 0 III.A.- 209 III.A. The era of peace and harmony for all. Takes its places a few years after Echoes of Time. From the game Ring Of Fates.

The Age Of Clouds- 0 IV.A.- 700 IV.A. An era of darkness and monsters, where the miasma rules over many of the lands. From the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles/Crystal Caravan.

The Age Of Architek- 0 V.A.- 5 V.A. Without the fear of miasma, kingdoms begin to rebuild and people reunite. History speaks highly of the kingdom Padarak ruled by the great King Leo, who wields the power of the Architek. From the game My Life As A King.

The Age Of Harmony- 0 VI.A.- 2000 VI.A. When the great King Leo and Darklord Maria joined together to begin a new era of peace, monsters and people alike join together, with peace raging through the lands for centries. From the game My Life As A Darklord.

The Age Of Separation- 0 VII.A.- 400 VII.A. Magic is running low, monsters are attacking people once more, and the lilty and yukes are fighting one another, causing centries of war to contiune through out. Based on events before the game Crystal Bearers.

The Age Of Crystal Bearers - 0 VIII.A.- 5000 VIII.A. With no magic left in the world, the lilty take over. The yukes out casted and amazing cities rise. Crystal become part of people from all tribes, earning them the name crystal bearers. From the game Crystal Bearers.

The Age Of  ???- 0 IX.A.- ??? IX.A The yuke and lilty usher in a new era of peace, started by Queen Althea and the yuke elders. In order to keep the peace, all guns and other weapons are destroyed. Over the years, crystal bearers begin to fade but in turn, crystal begin to return in large amounts. Later during the years, the role play of The War Of The Ages takes its place.

The Age of Blood- 0 X.A.- ??? X.A. With the fall of the litly captial, friction begins to arise once more, despite the years of peace, lilties are now being blamed for the murder of countless yukes. 

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