Lilties are one of the four main races from the Crystal Chronicles series.


The lilties are the shortest and most childlike of all the tribes. They also have plant-like features on their heads. Male lilties have short sprouts that tend to stick up, while the females have them longer and coming down. In some cases the females have a more green colour and have a rosebud.

They often wear quite heavy armour, despite their size. They're also incredibly strong.

Due to their plant-like appearance, lilty are called "Onion" by those prejudiced against them.


Baby (0-1) (5-20 cm)-

Child (2-11) (30-80 cm) Very cute and childish, but already showing signs of being quite strong.

Teenager (12-15) (80-110 cm)- Still quite childish, but more mature then as a child.

Adult (16+) (100-120 cm)- Now an adult, typically the strongest at this point.



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