Selkies are one of the four main races from the Crystal Chronicles series.


Selkies have a humanoid structure, and are usually seen were wearing little clothing with animal fur. They have the largest range of hair colours, and are able to be born with up to three different colours in their hair. Their hair colours being:

  • Blonde/Yellow
  • Pale Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Brown
  • Ginger/Orange
  • Grey
  • Ocean Green
  • Pale Purple
  • Dark Purple
  • Hot Pink
  • Bright Pink
  • Cherry Red
  • Crimson Red
  • Pure White

While they're eyes being red, green, grey or blue. They're skin tones are more natural, meaning they can be fair, tanned, etxra.


Baby (0-1)-

Toddler (2-3)-

Child (4-11)-

Teenager (12-15)-

Adult (16+)-


When it comes to accommodation, there isn't really much given towards the selkies. Though luckly for us, by going over games, there are some places that state where they live.

Unsuprisingly, selkies are found living in tent like structures through out most of the games.

In Echoes of time, the selkie with in the village is shown living in a round tent like structure. Though we only see the one tent within the village.

When we move on to Ring Of Fates, selkies are mentioned and showed living in town, there's no obvioius siting as to where they live though. So it is presumed that they either live in one of the buildings in Rebena Te Ra, or they live outside the town (which is more likely) in the woods or outskirts in similar tents to Echoes Of Time.

Moving on to Crystal Caravan the round tent like structures are shown once more, but this time with stone which. These buildings are found in Leuda. It also possible they use similar buildings in the golden age instead of the ones from Echoes Of Time. They seem quite homey and rather warm.

When moving on to My Life As A King, the selkies are now living in buildings known as selkie dens. Though they seem more simliar with the buildings found in Leuda, they are more chimny shaped and far smaller, which could simply be down to providing more room to build. They don't seem anywhere near as homey as they did in Leuda. However they are cable of being two-story builds, which may make things better for the selkie.

If we then travel further through time, in Crystal Bearers the only known location for the selkies to live is in fact a location called the Selkie Guild, a ship which was wrecked in a cove. Though there's plenty of small box like shops and a bar to be found. There is no clear area as to were they may spend the night, though its probably on the boat somewhere. Most likely in the hold of the ship.

In War Of The Ages, the selkies go back to living in their round hut like tent dens. In some cases they even live in caves.

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