Creator Charlie
Given name Danach
Middle name(s)
Clan/Family name
Known as/Nicknames Nachie (By Gat Fuun)

Nakkie (By Gat Fuun)

Age Born: 492 IX.A.


Gender Male
Tribe/Race Half lilty

Half selkie

Occupation Prince (From 2-18)

Banished Prince (19+)

Dragoon knight (mercenary)

Rank Banished Prince
Clan/Family Shae (mother)

Yahna (half-sister)










Background story:

Growing up as the unwanted bastard child of the young Princess Shae. He spent his first two years in the cellars forced to care for himself. It was only when his step father took him under his wing that he learnt to speak.

Over time, he became resentful to his mother and found it difficult to trust anyone, even the man that took care of him. Things got worse for him when his half-sister, Yahna, was born, as now neither his mother nor his step father would care for him. Left alone, he became more distant.

Try as he might, he couldn't bring himself to hate the little Yahna, as she was too attached to him. No matter how much he pushed her away.

One day when he finally ran away from the kingdom, he stumbled upon a funny looking building. Upon going inside, he learnt that it was a library. Bored, with nothing to do, he decided he would sit down and read. Hours passed, and the young boy fell asleep, only to be awoken by an elderly yuke. The yuke introduced himself as Geadeus.

Being stubborn, young Danach refused to talk to Geadeus for many months, but he would often run away from his kingdom to the library. Over time he opened up to the old yuke. With the promise of a warm bed and plenty to eat, it was hard for the young prince to refuse. And thus one day he decided to stay their with the yuke, only traveling to earn some gil or locate lost artifacts. He vowed that he would never return to the kingdom, no matter what.

Current story:


Other information: