Creator Charlie
Given name Ell Hope
Middle name(s)
Clan/Family name
Known as
Age Born: 479 IX.A.


Gender Female
Tribe/Race Lilty
Occupation Scholar
Clan/Family Giy Em (adoptive son)
Likes Playing pranks



Sending time with Giy Em

Dislikes Having pranks played on her

Most clavats and yukes



A motherly like character, caring and shows great respect to her elders. Though she can also be quite cheeky and childish.






Playing pranks.

Background story:

Like many of the lilties, Ell Hope grew up in exile along with her family, all she knew was that they were blamed for killing countless yukes, thus causing her to have a hatred towards yukes.

 As she grew older, her family would often go to a nearby village that was strongly populated by clavats. The clavat children there would often make fun of her and pull pranks, which caused her to harbor hatred towards clavats as well. Eventually whenever her family visited the village, rather than going out to play, she went to the library in hopes to gain knowledge of the world. As time went by it became her life. She learned many different ways to pull pranks on the Clavats, and so that too became a hobby.

 As more time went by, she met a young child called Giy Em, who was badly beaten and dirty, so she took him in as her own child. She gave him a present, which he she had to place in his hair because he had no idea what to do with it. She tried her best to keep Giy Em to follow the Selkie way, but it became too hard for her so she ask the other Selkie in the village to teach him.

 As a few more years went by, she decided that the best thing was to live with the selkies, as they could help raise Giy Em, plus they felt like another family to her. So when she and Giy Em were hoping to move in with the selkie tribe, they heard that they were going to another village, so they followed the selkies to the other village. After gain more information from that village she then decided that she would travel around the world in search of knowledge. Though she decided to waited till Giy Em and grown up before leaving.

Current story:


Other information: