"The sun's bright rays illuminated the village as the trio came into view. Houses made of cobblestone bases and wood glowed with gentle warmth, cheery villagers flitting through the wide dirt streets. Clearly the bright day brought with it a sunny mood." - quoted from The War Of The Ages: The Mismatched Heroes

Village buildings and places

Alchemist- The achlemist is run and owned by .. , here they make scrolls for just about anything.

Blacksmith- Specialising in weapons and armour, ... is rather well known. ... Is rather popluar with adventures and mercenaries, so has little worry for gil. Though still makes door knobs, pokers and other iron work on the off occasion.

Farm- Owned by ..., they provid plenty of crops, herbs and milk. They also own a water mill and the baker and boucher shop. In fact, this little family sells all the food in this village.

Great tree- The Great Tree lies in the centre of the village.

Inn- The inn is one of the newest additions to the village, run by the cheery ..., they work with the other locals to keep the place running. They also added a bar to their inn, in hopes to make a couple extra gil.

Library- The library is a privately owned by Geadeus, no one is allowed access to the books within. With the exception of Danach.

Merchant stall- Run by a selkie tribe who used to travel from town to town. They stopped their travells when stumbling upon Leansion and decided to make a home here. They sell some of the most strange and unique items around, many of which a few members go out and find upon travels.

Tailor- Though small, they sell some special clothing that many of the villagers love to buy. Of course in some cases they make trades with the locals.