Creator Charlie
Given name Shae
Middle name(s)
Clan/Family name
Known as
Gender Female
Tribe/Race Lilty
Occupation Queen
Rank Queen
Clan/Family Danach (bastard son)

Yahna (daughter)










Background story:

When Shae was a young girl, her kingdom was at the mercy of a selkie tribe. In order to prevent the kingdom from being destroyed, her father sold her body to the tribe, much to her dismay. Despite her struggle and cries for help, she became the enjoyment for the enemy. When she was returned to her family, the relationship with her father was ruined forever. However, the kingdom was safe, and none of her people ever heard of the events that happened to her.

Later on, she discovered that she was pregnant, which only made matters worse. She ended up giving birth to her child, a son, whom resembled far too much of a selkie for her to ever love him. So she refused to take care of the boy, as he was a constant reminder of the pain she suffered.

More time passed, and she married a litly knight. Reluctantly she told her husband of the horrible events that had occurred, and what it had brought. He promised that he would never tell a soul, and also convinced the young princess to take her son back. After much effort to convince her, she finally agreed, but refused to ever let him become her successor.

Under her husband's care, her bastard child grew up, and was even named by her husband. He decided to call the 2 year old boy Danach, named thusly as the man wanted his first son to be called so.

Several years later, now queen, she fell pregnant with a second child. When her child was born, she named her Yahna. She even declared the child to be the crown princess. With the addition of a second child, her hatred for her first born only grew.

Current story:


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