"In the 'age of fates',  a politician sook to overthrow the great city of the time, Rebena Te Ra. This city had a crystal principle where many worlds existed in the facets of a crystal said to be guarded by the royal family, and the belief that the moon and the power of red crystal were evil. Eventually this age lef to the age of clouds, which is historically a dark age as many scripts at the time were damaged or buried. The wonder of Rebena Te Ra faded, to be replaced by numerous folk tales about a long-ago golden age. Although no one is sure what led to the fall, tales of a meteor in the north and of a princess and a demon were widespread. It's said this age ended when a miraculous light parted the dark clouds that covered the land."- Said by the Historian.

The golden age, also known as the age of fates.


The Golden Age was a time were all four races lived in harmony. Though much else has been lost to the shadows.


Ring Of Fates: A Tale Of The New World-

Chapter one: The Selkie Village