Creator SubzeroChimera
Given name Tim
Middle name(s)
Clan/Family name Petershanks
Known as Time
Age Born: 497 IX.A.


Gender Male
Tribe/Race Clavat









Background story:

Affectionately known as “Time” for his uncanny ability to use haste and stop spells (and not much else), Tim is a fairly meek, unremarkable boy of age 14 with black hair and brown eyes. He's town born and raised in a family of 14 siblings, of which he's somewhere in the middle. He's fairly well thought of, for those people that remember him at least. Otherwise he tends to be easily overlooked, and with his shy-ish personality he's fine with that. On the other hand if anyone ever needs anything he's there, as he has multiple pockets and bags full to the brim with whatever you could possibly need for at home or on a journey (and yet somehow, there's always room for more)! He tends to overpack, but it seems to have built up his muscles a bit. He's also great at remembering things, and rarely if ever misplaces an item he's been trusted with. Because of this he's spent most of his working life as a delivery boy as he's both reliable and friendly, and can keep a secret if needed. His innocent eyes belie a clever interior, and often he'll be trusted without due reason. He's never taken advantage of that fact however.

He is rarely late, which may be due to the pocket watch he was given by his grandfather. It's his most beloved possession, and he constantly checks it out of habit. The second hand is broken off, but he never seems to have an issue telling the time. Other than that he is very down to earth, great for advice or even some simple no-nonsense common sense.

Being a town boy he is incredibly inexperienced with all types of weapons. He's just as likely to grab a frying pan to defend himself with as he is to grab a sword. Tim has got an oddly great ability to use stop spells on foes and haste spells on himelf and other party members, as well as some experience with slow on environmental objects, but any other type of spell and you're better off casting it yourself. He could barely cure a papercut if he tried! When truly threatened and without a weapon, an enemy is likely to get pelted by an extremely random array of hard objects from within his Mary-Poppins-esque storage space. He's best left to support, and with a bit of training could likely use a shield to great effect.



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